Women’s Commuter Bicycle

Este’s Dutch Bike
August 2, 2017
Jessica’s Dutch Bicycle
August 2, 2017

This Japanese built town bike has had complete strip and respray to restyle it as a contemporary classic Women’s Commuter Bicycle.  It features a 6 speed grip shift system, perfect for town riding in traffic with a few hills to navigate.

Stunning Blue and Cream combo

Some stunning tan leather on the saddles and grips sets off the complete picture very nicely.

Hand painted matching bell

Saddle stitch detail

We highly recommend this style of bicycle for anyone who wants to take a few rides per week and is aiming for something a little more practical and accessible than just a cruise along the Promenade.

Hand woven basket offers convenient carriage on the bike

Stylish and comfortable

This bikes demonstrates that style comfort and practicality can be perfectly combined.