Puch Town Bike – ladies commuter bike

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December 13, 2016
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Puch Town Bike – ladies commuter bike

Raleigh Town Bike

This ladies commuter bicycle was commissioned by a gent in Pretoria for his wife for Christmas.  It’s a vintage ladies town bike made by Puch in the 1980s and features a 3 speed internal hub with back pedal brake.

He was super-specific about the paint scheme (Pantone 10C Grey in gloss and satin black compliments).  And with black leather to finish it off it made a very unique statement.  Our leather workers did a spectacular job of fitting the saddle and grips and finishing them with some lovely deep blue stitching. The rear carrying rack is perfect for carrying small loads t avoid using an uncomfortable backpack in hot weather.

A lovely town bike perfect as a commuter bicycle or as a weekend leisure cruiser.  The 3 speed internal hub gives a low maintenance solution to getting about with as little fuss as possible.  Such a discintvie custom paint job as this will catch eyes and turn heads wherever it rides.