Custom Cruiser Bicycle with Hand Stitched Leather

leather saddle
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February 17, 2017
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A custom cruiser such as this is the perfect combination between mass manufacture and customization.  It’s straight out the box brand new with modern components, brakes, gears, bearings etc.  But with some of our specialized work on it, it really sets it apart from all the other cruisers that you might see around.  

We particularly recommend these cruisers for our corporate bikes.  Hotels, guesthouses restaurants want something that really captures attention and displays their brand well, but with a minimum of fuss and maintenance.

This particular beauty features a stunning cream and tan two tone custom paint job, with some nice detailing on the downtube.  it’s those little flourishes that really set it apart as a bespoke piece.

Bikes are a personal thing and everyone who rides one should know that it is a part of them and makes a statement about who they are as much as if not more than the car you choose.  Who can afford a customized car anyway, but we can all afford a custom bicycle.

We applied some of our signature tan leather to the saddle and handlebar grips.  This ladies comfort saddle really lends itself to some fine detailing and panel stitching.

Cruisers are the comfiest ride with wide laid back upright bars and a big soft saddle. This one features 7 easy to use grip shift gears and is perfect for those lazy rides along the beach front or a soft slow pedal to the shops.


cross stitch leather

downtube detail

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