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My name is Jamie. And it goes without saying I am much more passionate about bikes, than I was about my previous career as a lawyer! Since leaving London and moving to Cape Town 6 years ago, I continued to pursue my personal passion for pimping bicycles but became quickly frustrated and disillusioned by the lack of anything other than carbon racers and high end mountain bikes available to South Africans. And so Ubuntu Bikes Boutique was born.
I use old vintage and retro bicycles and refurbish them to create custom commuter & leisure bikes to suit all needs. I like my bikes to be the grown up version of that bicycle we all had as a child that made us SMILE. Sometimes my work is nothing more than a clean, polish, and service of an existing bicycle to bring it back to life in it's original style. But in some cases I take nothing more than the frame and create something bespoke to the user's needs with gears, brakes, saddle, handlebars, wheels etc all completely updated.
I love tinkering with parts, preserving old bits of history and giving old machines a brand new lease of life. Most importantly I like giving people not only the bike they want but also the bike they need. Owning my own bicycle workshop is also a crafty way of hiding my growing bicycle collection from my wife! The South African cycling scene is vibrant and widespread, but it has a very narrow focus on the sport recreational market, with leisure/commuter/cruiser bicycles very poorly represented by both wholesalers and retailers. So that is where I step in.
Ubuntu Bikes Boutique is based in Cape Town where most of our customers live but we also regularly ship our bikes nationally and internationally. We produce single custom pieces for individuals but we also service a wide range of corporate clients who want to tap into the growing international trend in cycling as a cultural icon and also a powerful business & marketing tool.
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